Baby Carrier Or Stroller For Travel? Infant to Toddler, Airplane to Hiking

Do you want to go traveling with your baby?

Let’s do this baby travel!

One of the things that come up right away is what’s the most efficient, easiest, the best way to carry your baby.

The two main options are a baby carrier or a stroller for travel.

There really isn’t a right answer for this in some cases a baby carrier is better like getting through a gate check and in other cases the stroller is better.

In fact, we think you should have both. You can always just stuff the carrier into your diaper bag or hook it on to the shoulder strap.

Assuming you are looking at air travel. Let’s start off with the question…

Should I use a baby carrier or stroller in the airport?

If you only have one child and they can easily be carried in a baby carrier we would say go with the baby carrier you should also have a very light stroller that you can check onto your plane. We were able to do this by asking the flight attendant to put it in their storage cabinet.

This way we did not have to mess with the luggage carousel to get our travel stroller. We just did not like the idea of checking strollers or the possibility of losing a stroller when connecting flights.

We went on a trip to Europe and we purposely got the lightest McLaren umbrella stroller that still had big wheels and we were able to keep the stroller in the passenger area of the plane so we have the stroller right away when we got off the plane.

The benefit of having the stroller and we also had a clip-on standing board that went behind it was that we could have our five-year-old and little one all in the same setup.

If we just had a little one we would have just used a baby carrier for getting through the airport it would just be so much quicker and efficient. Things like gate checks, connecting lights, airport security, metal detectors, and the ticket counter easier.

What about a baby carrier or stroller for travel in general?

There are definitely pros to having a baby carrier but there is no way we would only have a baby carrier.

The problem is when you’re traveling you will get tired too and you might get frustrated and a few other things we won’t mention here. But, if you have a stroller with you then you don’t have to carry that weight.

With a baby carrier you’ll get hot and sweaty you’ll get more tired the baby will keep trying to look around because everything is new and it will cause a lot of frustration.

We opted for a light baby carrier or a baby sling unless we were going to do some hiking and then we would have a heavier more rugged one. And a light stroller with bigger wheels, a storage basket, and that could also recline. this was our designated travel stroller. Let’s go over these.

Why bring a baby carrier at all?

There are times when you just want to go and you don’t have to worry about curbs or bumpy roads or getting through tight spaces. Also, did you plan on doing any kind of hiking the baby carrier is way better.

You can just move faster.

Why an umbrella stroller?

Well, there are other options, but the main thing is to be able to check it with you on a plane or be able to slide it under a chair.

You’re not going to want to bring two strollers so you need something that’ll go through the airport and be good for your whole trip. So you need something that can fit in the overhead compartment or in an airplane closet so you have it in and out of the airport.

Also, you want something compact enough so while traveling if you go to a restaurant or if you’re in a taxi or any other time you’d want to make your setup smaller it’s easy.

Why a stroller with bigger wheels?

So there aren’t that many strollers that fold up small and have decent size wheels also you don’t want the hard wheels that hang around if you u can get something with a little bit of a squishy texture that’s better. Let’s face it most places we travel are either way older or don’t have the same old upkeep as in the United States.

With that, you’re going to want to have wheels that can go over bumps something that won’t get stuck in small places and just cause lots of frustration.

Why stroller with the storage basket?

Well, this is where you’re going to keep the baby carrier when it’s not wrapped around you or anything else the great thing about having the stroller is it shares the load.

And why the stroller that can recline?

This one should be obvious.

When your baby falls asleep you’re going to want them to be able to sleep as long as possible so you can have little breaks if you have a stroller that’s only upright this would be really difficult, so get a reclining stroller

Couple questions you need to ask yourself about your travel plans

How old is your baby?

Depending on how big your baby is it may just be quicker and safer to have the baby in a carrier more as long as the babies old enough to be in the carrier but if the baby is getting too big then you’re just going to tire yourself out.

Where did your baby sleep better?

Depending on where your baby sleeps better you might want to put an emphasis on that style of carrier.

Will you be using public transportation?

This is similar to the airport the ability to fit in small places and move around quickly.

There is a huge advantage to using a baby carrier.

What a good situation is if you have a light baby carrier that you can put on and an umbrella stroller that you can fold up then when you know you’re about to get into any form of public transportation you can put the baby in the carrier and just hold the stroller.

baby carrier or stroller for road trips?

This one also depends a lot on how old your baby is. If the baby is still in one of those regular convertible car seats then it does make it easy to just unsnap the infant car seat and put the baby in the travel system or car seat carrier stroller frame.

This is really convenient.

In this case, we would still recommend bringing a light carrier with you because there’s going to be times when it’s just easier and faster.

Baby carrier or stroller for hiking?

How fit are you?

Also, how hard is the hike?

If you’re actually traveling somewhere you can’t take a good enough all-terrain stroller or jogging stroller. But if this is a local hike then you can use your big beefy hiking stroller.

For the quick local hikes with relatively smooth terrain we would recommend a stroller but for anything more than that you’re better off with a carrier.

We would also recommend a carrier if there is much incline because you don’t also want to push up the weight of the 30-40 lb stroller.

Something we haven’t mentioned yet is the idea of having a front carrier or a backpack carrier.

This highly depends on how old your child is but in general if we were getting around a city we might have a front carrier but if we were hiking we probably use a backpack carrier again this depends on how long you plan on wearing the carrier if you’re using a carrier for a long time you’d want to use a backpack carrier.

Some final thoughts

This is really one of those questions where you could say it depends.

In most cases, we would say take both. The only cases where we wouldn’t bring a stroller is if we were going to go on a hike somewhere and I really wouldn’t even use the stroller very much. we would also never consider taking a double stroller traveling.

The only cases where we would say not to bring a carrier at all is if you have a small very maneuverable lightweight stroller and your child really likes being in it.

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