Best Strollers

Shopping for a stroller is not the easiest thing to do, we remember scouring the internet and taking multiple trips down to the local baby super store trying to compare and contrast the best strollers. Really we didn’t have any idea which one would be better. The problem is that with such a big purchase it is hard to know what you are going to want to use it for in 3-4 years when you still need a stroller. Your needs will be different than they are with a newborn. The best stroller for you will fit into your current lifestyle and unless you want to buy and sell strollers it will be nice if that same stroller fits your lifestyle once your baby is older. Our focus at is to help parents be mobile, to help parents bridge the gap between their free to go wherever they want lifestyle without babies and their new way of life with children. The center of this baby on the move culture is the stroller.

What To Look For In The Best Strollers

Since everybody is looking for something different you first need to decide what your priorities are. Are you just looking to take a stroll around the block or use your stroller in walking around the mall? Or, are you looking to bring your baby along with you on a run or are you taking them to Paris with you for a week. We will go though the obvious path of priorities for any parent.

Stroller Safety

5 point harnessThe first concern of any parent should be the safety of their child. Luckily, there are safety standards set that are pretty ridged. It will be hard to find a stroller on the market that does not meet the general safety standards for strollers, that is just looking for a law suit. Some things to consider to add to the safety of the stroller is side impact protection, a 5 point harness with a good buckle, and we also really like the ability to hold a purse or backpack somewhere without tipping over. Side impact protection is often found in car seats and sometimes in the strollers themselves, basically this is just padding along the sides. A 5 point harness is a must but how good is a belt if your child can easily get out of it. A good buckle will be easy for you to do but hard for even a 4 year old to do.

Stroller Portability

It seems that all strollers fold up but some of the companies have the folding mechanisms down way better than others. The stroller needs to fit in your car, preferably in you trunk. This is no problem for the umbrella type strollers but for a double jogging stroller to fit in the trunk of a Honda it better fold up really well. If you want to do more than just drive around town like take a flight with your stroller, there are some stroller brands that really focus on the ability to fit in an overhead carry-on compartment and are specifically designed for the traveling parents in mind. All this to say you need to know how big of a space you have to fit the stroller into and then keep the folded measurements of the stroller in mind. As Portable Strollera side note some brands fold lock works well and holds the stroller shut while some others are almost impossible to get to latch.

The second half of portability is weight. Weight in a stroller can be good and bad. The good of a slightly heavy stroller is safety and how many things you can hang off of it. If you are pretty strong and you know you are not going to be carrying your stroller folded for very long a slightly heavier stroller isn’t all that bad. On the flip side, if you know that you will be out and about and sometimes carrying the stroller than you really want to keep your eyes out for a lighter model.

Stroller Comfort

Now that the basics are taken care of you really want a stroller that is comfortable for your little ones to ride in and is comfortable for you to push. As far as your passengers are concerned things to look for are a little extra padding, reclining seat backs, optional food trays, pillows/head rests, large sun shades, and wheel suspension. It is obvious that these additions can take your kids stroller experience from that of a rough ride to rolling in style and smooth comfort even over bumpy trails.

For you the parent things that can greatly increase your amount of comfort first off are the ease that everything works. Is it easy to fold? Is it easy to put the break on? Is it easy to pick up? Next, the thing that we look at is the height of the handle bar. Some strollers are just way to short and if you want to push them you need to be leaned over and you end up almost kicking the back of the stroller with every step. Make sure that the stroller that you choose is at a good height for you, you will be pushing it a lot. Other things to consider are a try for you to keep a drink, a large storage compartment that is easy to access, and large wheels that make pushing the stroller easier.

Part of comfort but almost its own section is maneuverability. It is amazing the difference that you feel when you push a high end stroller with great maneuverability vs some other models that feel like you are pushing through molasses. The types and size of wheels are very important for maneuverability, larger wheels will not get caught in cracks in the road as easily and will roll over rocks without a problem while a small wheel can get locked up by just a small rock in the right place. As far as types of wheels there are hard wheels and soft wheels, hard wheels give less friction but the ride is bumpier. Soft wheels are usually air filled but sometimes they are types of foam rubber. The other main point for maneuverability is how many wheels the stroller has. Three wheeled strollers are much more maneuverable since they have a smaller turning radius but they are not quite as stable unless the back two wheels are well spread.

I hope that this quick run down of things to look for in the best strollers helped, take a look through our different stroller articles to decided the stroller that is best for you. As you can see there are all different categories of strollers so we felt it best to separate them instead of just doing a single best stroller article. Enjoy reading.

Best Convertible Stroller

Top Convertible StrollerIf you are looking for a stroller that will grow with your family then a convertible stroller is the way to go. Convertible strollers are strollers that you can easily attach and detach new seats to and change around the configuration to best suit your family. You will not be doing much off-road strolling or running in a standard convertible stroller but for around town they are hard to beat and can save your family money since you will only have to buy attachments instead of a whole new stroller.

Best Double Stroller

Best Double StrollerIf you have more than one kid within a few years you will need a double stroller. Double strollers allow you to go on longer walks that your toddler can’t do while carrying an infant in a car seat or a smaller child. We know moms that are still sticking their 7 and 4 year olds in double strollers for walks to school or trips to theme parks. Even your older ones will run out of energy eventually and will be glad that mom brought a double. Getting a good double stroller will help you conserve your energy when the little ones have run out of theirs.

Best Umbrella Stroller

Best Umbrella StrollerUmbrella strollers are named after the way that an umbrella folds up in all directions to create just a stick. All of the other strollers that we talk about here only fold end over end instead of in from both sides. Umbrella strollers can be very very light and are great to have in all car trunks so you never leave home without a stroller. They work great for short trips to the store and anywhere else you forgot to bring your larger stroller. The best stroller is the one that you have when you need it and many many times for moms and dads it is the umbrella stroller that you almost forgot you had in the trunk that saved you.

Best Jogging Stroller

Best Jogging StrollerJogging strollers are not just for jogging anymore… We see more moms using jogging strollers as their everyday strollers these days. Jogging strollers have quite a bit going for them, they usually have 3 wheels so they are very maneuverable, they buckling system is not easy for little ones to undo, and they have large tires so they take bumps in the road easily. Good jogging strollers might be the best strollers overall for usability. If you plan on really using the stroller for jogging you need to take a look at our list since many of the so called jogging strollers look the part but do not preform very well. A common complaint is that even though the front wheel locks in place at any real speed it shakes all over the place. There are dedicated jogging strollers that have a fixed front wheel so they are in most situation superior in jogging performance but they lack everyday usability.

Best Baby Stroller

Best Baby StrollerA baby stroller in most cases is one that you can connect a car seat to. Our focus on baby strollers is very similar to travel systems except in this category we will also consider folding frame strollers that only take a car seat and also strollers that claim to be able to take an infant without the use of a car seat. It is hard to decide what you want to do for your newborn and infants, you want the best for them but you do not want to have to spend money twice. We analyze the options so you can make an informed decision. Something to always consider is that if you find that you want a separate stroller for when your kids and super small then you can always sell it used to recoup some of the cost, it will be lightly used and another mom can use it.

Best Lightweight Stroller

Best Lightweight StrollerWith your Tiny Traveller you want to go all over the place. All around town and maybe all around the world. Since a stroller is your main form of transportation you need a lightweight stroller. Lightweight strollers come in many different forms. If you have a small baby then your options are car seat frame strollers or lightweight stroller with adapters. If your little one does not need a car seat then your options also open up to umbrella strollers. We will also go the extra mile and tell you what we think the best lightweight jogging stroller is.

Best Travel System Stroller

Best Travel SystemA travel system stroller is just a stroller, car seat and car seat base that work together seamlessly. The term travel system stroller usually refers to a package that all comes from one company. In addition to the all-in-one packages we decided to also include strollers with their car seat adapters. A complete travel system is a necessity for the the baby on the go for the simple reason that it is very very important to keep a sleeping baby sleep. A well designed system will give you more freedom while allowing you to transfer your baby from car seat to car to stroller without missing a beat.

Best Double Stroller Travel Systems

With two kids you still want to stay mobile. You need to get a double stroller travel system or and double stroller with a quality car seat attachment. Double strollers come in tandem which means front and back or in side by side options.

Best Jogging Stroller Travel Systems

We mention our favorite jogging stroller travel systems in our main travel systems article but we wanted to put a little extra emphasis on the top jogging travel systems. If this is what you are looking for you will enjoy the article.

Best Lightweight Travel Systems

Some travel systems focus on being lightweight and mobile, in our top travel system article we mention or favorite lightweight travel system but their are other options, check it out.

Best Travel Systems For Boys

We really like staying gender neutral with strollers but you might really want to go boy all of the way. You can get strollers with different characters on them or in obvious boy colors or patterns. Take a look at our favorite boy themed strollers.

Best Travel Systems For Girls

Just like the boy strollers we prefer gender neutral strollers since they are easier to reuse and resale. If you want a stroller that just screams this is my girls ride then come check out our selections for top travel systems for girls.

Best Cheap Travel Systems

These are the best quality budget priced travel systems on the market. Stroller have a huge price range these are the stroller for the families sticking to a budget, they are all still quality rides they just lack a few features.

Best Strollers For Twins

Best Stroller For TwinsCongratulations! Twins are a blessing. You really need to have a good stroller so you can claim your freedom with these two moving all over the place. It would be nice if you could have one stroller that would take you from twin babies to twin toddlers. We will discuss your options as even many of the high quality double strollers do not have the ability to take two car seats. Some other things to consider is if you want a tandem type stroller with the two little ones front and back or if you want a side by side double stroller. We compare the top options and let you know our favorites.

Best Travel Stroller

Best Travel StrollerDifferent than a travel system stroller, travel strollers are specially designed to keep you on the move anywhere and everywhere. Many of them have made special size considerations so they fit easily onto airplanes as carry-on luggage or they are particularly light. Since our goal on this site is to help you find the best mobile baby products on the market this is the pinnacle of mobility. Hopefully we will see you and your baby in Paris.

Best All Terrain Stroller

Best All Terrain StrollerFor the parent that loves the outdoors. All terrain strollers can take a beating and keep on going. Many times they have added features like suspension and large air filled tires that allow you and your little ones to make it up Everest. Well maybe not that all terrain but enough to claim your mobile freedom and go on those trails that you loved walking on before you had any kids. Take a look at our top choices for all terrain strollers and get out on the wide open trails.

Best Toddler Stroller

baby trend velocity joggerToddlers need a lot of attention and some strollers help them be good while others help them act out. A good toddler stroller will have trays for food, a fool-proof harness that can’t be easily undone and it will be high enough so your growing kids will not hit their heads on it. We really like strollers that are easy for the kids to get in and out of also without requiring much climbing.


Thank you for reading through and perusing our articles on the best strollers. Really the key is that you need to know what you plan on doing with the stroller before you buy it. If you liked any of the stroller recommendations that we made and found our advise helpful please click through one of the links and purchase a stroller through amazon. As long as you purchase through our link we are paid a small commission on the sale without any increase cost to you. This is how we keep this website up and running with the best information on the internet for tiny travellers. Thanks for reading MyTinyTraveller.