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In this day and age, choosing cheap travel systems for your little angel (or angels) doesn’t mean you’re a cheapskate – it just means you’re saving for rainy days ahead. However, despite being cheap, a travel system need not be of low quality. You can actually buy a high-quality and budget-friendly travel system if you look in the right places.

And this is the right place.

My Tiny Traveller gathered several economical travel strollers and rolled them into one exhaustive article. Here you’ll find why they are that cheap and why you should buy them. These cheap travel systems still pass S.P.E.M.S. with flying, although exceedingly bright, colors. They’re cheap enough as it is! You really can’t expect something extravagant from these strollers – they’re more of the essentials and less the frills.

Top 4 Cheap Travel Systems

Eveflo JourneyLite Travel System w/ Embrace

If you’re really looking for cheap travel systems, the Evenflo JourneyLite is a stroller to look at, but don’t judge the stroller by its price tag – the JourneyLite has several remarkable features that makes it a great contender. It has a multi-position reclining stroller seat with thick cushions for added protection. The carseat is side impact tested ( which means it passed US Safety Standards), has thick paddings especially on the head part, and has a 5-point harness, so baby is extremely safe. You’ll also love how maneuverable the JourneyLite is, thanks to its lockable front swivel wheels. Other features include a large storage basket and a tray for baby to eat and play.

All in all, the JourneyLite gets great marks in maneuverability, style, portability, and safety. We’d say it’s a good deal and a good investment for you and baby. It also comes in blue. Learn more about the JourneyLite here.

Baby Trend Expedition LX

This is one of the cheap travel systems we truly love – the Baby Trend brand isn’t as famous as Graco, but their Expedition LX model just blew us away.

The Expedition LX has the Trend Lock 30, one of the top rated infant car seats. The Trend Lock 30 has a front adjustable 5-point safety harness for easy adjusting and maximum safety. The side cushions are also side impact tested and designed to absorb energy. The head guard also adds an extra layer of protection for baby. This car seat can accommodate babies 5-30 pounds so it will definitely grow with baby, assuring you years of comfort and safety.

The Expedition LX stroller is also made of lightweight steel – this makes it an easy-to-maneuver and sturdy stroller. It can also accommodate up to 40 pounds making it a money saver in the long run.

Safety features aside, the Expedition LX also boasts a lot frills. The canopy has a peek-a-boo window letting you check on baby (and baby to check on you) without the hassle of stopping and going to the front of the stroller. The stroller also features flip-up leg rests that serves as an attachment point for the car seat. You’ll also love that the handles are ergonomically designed for your comfort, the rear wheels can be independently locked, and the folding procedure is relatively easy (whew!).

The Expedition LX get high marks in safety and comfort. If we’re looking for cheap travel systems, we’d buy this any time of the day. Learn more about the Expedition LX here..

Cosco Sprinter Go Lightly Travel

When it comes to style, we’d love to have this one. The quaint brown color of the Cosco Sprinter gives off a relaxing ambience that will surely translate to a snoozing baby. It’s not just about the design though – the Cosco Sprinter also boasts side impact protection and an easy-to-adjust 3-point harness for quick attachment and maximum safety.

The infant car seat can carry up to 22 pounds and features a multi-position recline so baby is 100% comfortable every step of the way.  The stroller, on the other hand, can carry babies up to 40-pounds so you’re guaranteed to have several years of strolling ahead.

What we really love from the Cosco Sprinter is its child snack tray that has a juice box and cup holder! It’s a rare feature by the way, and it comes with such a cheap stroller. This lessens the danger of spills and lessens the hassle of cleaning up your baby’s mess. .

If you’re on a tight budget, this one’s a great option. Learn more about Cosco Sprinter here .

Disney Saunter Luxe Travel System

It’s quite surprising to find a Disney stroller as one of the cheap travel systems. After all, Disney is a huge brand.

It’s a stroller with the bare essentials – nothing more, nothing less. It’s infant car seat can accommodate babies weighing up to 22 pounds, but the stroller itself can carry up to 50 pounds, so that’s several years of comfortable strolling guaranteed. As for safety you’ll love the thick cushions of both the carseat and the stroller and the integrated SlideGuard on the baby-friendly tray makes the Disney Saunter Luxe 2 times safer.

The Disney gets satisfying marks on style and safety. There’s a lot of cheaper travel systems with more features. I’d recommend this as a last option or if your baby really loves Disney. Learn more about the Disney Saunter Luxe here.

Good-Quality Cheap Travel Systems

These travel system strollers are of good-quality despite their budget-friendly price tags. Sure, they don’t have the extra features that more expensive brands have, but they have all the bare travel system essentials which is truthfully good enough for you and baby. If you have not decided on the on the stroller that you want we recommend checking out our best stroller list of articles where we separate all of our favorite strollers by type. If you found our site useful please consider using one of our links to Amazon. This site is supported by a small commission that we receive from Amazon at no extra cost to you when a purchase is made through our link. Thanks for reading MyTinyTraveller.