Best Double Strollers 2022 {It Takes 2! Double The Pleasure}

Best Double Strollers

Why Would You Need a Double Stroller?

There are a lot of double strollers on the market, but finding the best double strollers may be a challenge. Double strollers are excellent options for parents with more than one child, whether the children are different ages or twins. They allow two children to ride in comfort without the need for multiple strollers. In some cases, additional children can be added with accessories in multiple configurations.

These strollers come in different shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your individual needs and desires. They also come in everything from umbrella-type strollers to higher-end jogging strollers. There is a double stroller out there for every family; it’s just a matter of finding the right one. The best double stroller in 2022, much like the best bib, is a necessity for parents of multiple toddlers. 

Mom on the run? Here are the bullet points…

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Types of Double Strollers

There are a few different types of double strollers. Which one you choose depends on where and how you plan to use your new stroller.


These are strollers meant for general use. They aren’t very rugged but still work on smoother trails or paths. They can also be used to run errands or other day-to-day activities. They aren’t as cumbersome as some other types as well, even though they offer more storage than most types.


These types of strollers can handle most types of rugged surfaces, from gravel to cobblestones. They maneuver easily but are bulkier than the regular all-purpose double strollers. They also have better suspensions and better wheels, though these extra features come at a higher cost.


Joggers have a three-wheel design essential for parents who like to run. The wheels are larger and air-filled, giving the kids a smooth ride while making it easy for the parent to push and maneuver. They also usually have hand brakes for quick stops. These are a bit pricey, though, and there aren’t as many options on the market.


These are lighter than the other types of double strollers, but this also makes them less durable. They fold easily, which makes them great for travel, but won’t last long with everyday use. They also have some weight limitations, and can rarely accommodate a newborn. They are usually cheaper, though, so if you only need a stroller for occasional use, this is a good option. Keep in mind, though, they are only available in side-by-side options.


These are great tandem strollers because they allow you to adapt it to your needs. You can use it as a single or a double, and even add a sit-and-stand option if needed. This makes them usable for longer, as they can accommodate larger children that are too big for a stroller seat. The downside is that they are a bit heavy and bulkier than regular strollers.

What to Look For In the Best Double Stroller

Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo XFinding the right double stroller is not necessarily as simple as walking into a store and picking one of the two double strollers available like it used to be. Now there are dozens of double strollers readily available and, in many cases, there is often an option for a double version for many of the popular single strollers.

To find the best double stroller to fits your needs, you will have to know who the intended user is. Some strollers are designed for two children where only one is in a car seat, whereas others are capable of fitting a pair of infants in car seats. Some strollers excel on rough terrain and gravel paths, but others should stick to smooth, urban travel.

Stroller Accessories

Accessories may not be a primary consideration, but it could tip the scale when deciding between a pair of strollers. After all, if you are looking at a stroller with a cup holder and one that does not, if the price difference is not too large, you are more likely to buy the stroller with the holder.

One important feature any stroller needs is a shade to keep the sun off your babies. This not only keeps them cooler, but it also protects them from harmful UV rays. This is especially important for infants who are too little for sunscreen.

Another important feature is buckles and straps that are easy to adjust. The faster you can get your little ones in and safely secured, the sooner you can get walking. These straps should also be comfortable for your children, or you may be dealing with some fussiness during your trip.

Snack holders are not always available for children on double strollers, but if you can find one that includes them, the better it is for you. These give your child easy access to snacks and drinks without forcing you to stop every few minutes to hand them something. Trays on the handle for mom and dad are also handy, giving you space for a water bottle or coffee, your phone, keys, and even a snack for you.

Storage space is a must, usually found under the seats. If you have little ones, you may need diapers, wipes, bottles, and other baby necessities. If there is no storage space, you’ll need to carry a bag with you while you push that bulky double stroller.

Other handy accessories are locking wheels, easy fold options, and reclining seat positions for naps or smaller children who don’t have the strength to hold themselves up. Check out the handle height as well to be sure it is comfortable to push for your particular size.

Twins vs. Children of Different Ages

It is important to know what the age of the children is if you want to find the best double stroller for your needs. If you have recently had twins, then you should look at strollers that will accommodate a pair of infant child seats. You will also want to make sure that they will hold your make and model of infant car seat. Some strollers come with the correct adapters for their own infant car seat brands, whereas others will sell adapters to make them car seat ready.

Size Tandem vs. Side-by-Side

Deciding whether you want a side-by-side stroller, or a tandem stroller can be a difficult decision. If you have children side-by-side, you may have a much wider stroller. However, they often fold down more compact than a tandem stroller and are much easier to turn. Tandem strollers have the advantage of a narrow profile making them the ideal choice to use in a store, as long as there is not a lot of turning. Often tandem strollers offer a larger number of configurations, so you can customize how your children are sat quickly as needed.

Vehicle Transport in the Best Double Strollers

Double strollers are not small. There is no way around it. However, some are more suited to being carried in cars than others, and they are almost always more compact than using two strollers. If you have limited space in your vehicle, you will want to measure out exactly how much room your car’s trunk has to ensure that you find a stroller that fits. Nothing is worse than buying a stroller that you think will fit only to find out that it is a mere inch or two too big. Trust me, I know, I’ve done it.

The Best Double Strollers Available on the Market in 2022

Best Luxury Double Stroller:

Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X

Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double Stroller (2016)

Just as the Valco Baby Tri-Mode is one of the best strollers for singletons, the Twin version is excellent for those who have twins or two children who are of stroller age. Built with parents in mind, it folds down incredibly compact and is easy to load in and out of cars making it ideal for trips in and out of town. It’s large air-filled tires offer a comfortable ride whether you are walking through the mall, a gravel path, or even a wooded trail while remaining easy to push and steer with minimal effort, this is a great all-terrain stroller. This stroller comes standard with:

  • Rain cover
  • Tire Pump
  • Bumper bars
  • Large canopy
  • Large air-filled tires
  • It is available in 3 colors: Raven, Raisin Waffle SE, and Blue Opal SE.

There are Valco Baby accessories available for purchase. This includes:

  • Joey seat (to add a 3rd child)
  • “Hitchhiker” board to allow an older child to ride behind
  • Car seat adapters
  • Snack trays

While it is more expensive than some other budget lines, this stroller’s performance, appearance, and overall design rarely leave parents wanting anything else. Specifications of this double stroller are: 

  • Folded dimensions: 28 x 29 x 18 inches
  • Assembled dimensions: 29 x 37 x 30-41.5 inches
  • Tandem/Side-by-side: Side-by-side
  • Number of configurations: 1
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Number of wheels: 4
  • Amazon review: 4.7/5.0

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Best Value Double Stroller:

Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect Double Stroller, Gotham (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The Graco Ready2Grow is made by one of the world’s most famous stroller manufacturers and quickly lives up to the quality one would expect from such an established company. It offers comfort, space, and design that you would expect from a much more expensive stroller. It even has both parent and child’s trays as a standard feature. To keep the costs lower. However, this stroller does have plastic wheels that are not suited to gravel or other rough terrains. It is also quite large and will not fit in many smaller vehicles. This stroller comes standard with:

  • Reclining seats
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Parent tray
  • Child’s tray
  • It is available in 7 colors.

Graco likes to provide their strollers with all of the necessities and does not offer other accessories or add-ons. Most standard double stroller rain covers will fit this stroller, and other brands accessories will often work with it as well. The specifications of this double stroller are: 

  • Folded dimensions: 53 x 24 x 20.5 inches
  • Assembled dimensions: 44 x 24 x 41 inches
  • Tandem/Side-by-side: Tandem
  • Number of configurations: 12
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Number of wheels: 4
  • Amazon review: 4.7/5.0

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Best Compact Double Stroller:

Britax B-Agile Double

Britax 2017 B-Agile Double Stroller, Black

The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is a sleek, easy to use stroller that comes equipped with adapters for the Britax infant car seats. Its compact build and lightweight design ensure that this stroller is one of the best on the market for those with limited travel space. It can easily be used not only when traveling by car, but also by airplane, boat, or even the train.

This stroller is designed for urban environments that do not offer large obstacles. It does, however, offer all-wheel suspension to provide a very smooth ride for your child. It is great for families wanting a double stroller that is excellent at moving and adjusting to an urban environment. We really like the Britax B-Agile series of strollers, you can check out our full review of the single version here. Also, this single version is one of our favorite travel system strollers. Here is a selection of some of the features of this stroller:

  • Large, individual canopies
  • Reclining seats
  • Large storage basket
  • Seat back pockets
  • Britax car seat adapters
  • It is available in 3 colors: Black, Red, and Sandstone

It also offers accessories such as child trays and rain covers to customize this stroller to your desires. Specifications of this double stroller are:

  • Folded dimensions: 30.5 x 13 x 30.5 inches
  • Assembled dimensions: 30.5 x 41.4 x 40 inches
  • Tandem/Side-by-side: Side-by-side
  • Number of configurations: 1
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Number of wheels: 4
  • Amazon review: 4.7/5.0

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Best Jogging Double Stroller:

BOB Revolution Pro Duallie

BOB Gear Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller - Up to 100 pounds - UPF 50Plus Canopy - Easy Fold - Adjustable Handlebar with Hand Brake, Black

The BOB Revolution Pro is one of the world’s best single jogging strollers. It is not a surprise that one of the world’s best double jogging strollers is the double version of that stroller with everything that makes the single a success from its large tires to its superior suspension system, this stroller adds the ability to add a second child.

This stroller is well suited to jogging, hiking, and everyday use making it ideal for active families with small children. It is important to know that while this stroller can be used for newborns all the way to their fifth birthday, only to use it as a walking stroller until they are able to hold their head unassisted. You should not use any jogging strollers for jogging until that point since it can cause your child to be unnecessarily jostled and injured. It comes standard with these and other features:

  • Large canopy
  • Large storage basket
  • Wrist strap
  • Air-filled tires
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Reclining seats
  • It is available in 3 colors: Black, Navy, and Orange.

There are several accessories available for this stroller from car seat adapters and rain shields to snack trays and fitness kits. This helps you to customize this stroller to your individual needs. Specifications of this double stroller are:

  • Folded dimensions: 39 x 30.5 x 16 inches (Swivel) 44.5 x 30.5 x 16 inches (Jogging)
  • Assembled dimensions: 52.5 x 30.5 x 40 inches (Swivel) 58.5 x 30.5 x 40 inches (Jogging)
  • Tandem/Side-by-side: Side-by-side
  • Number of configurations: 3
  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Number of wheels: 3
  • Amazon review: 4.7/5.0

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Most Versatile Double Stroller:

Phil & Teds Dash

Phil and Teds Dash Buggy With Doubles Kit Black

One of today’s trendiest stroller companies, Phil & Teds offers a fashionable and functional double stroller in the Dash. This stroller has all the advantages of a double stroller and can also be used as sought after single stroller. This stroller offers an amazing 23 options when it comes to using it and is suitable for children under five years of age. This is a great convertible stroller that can adapt to your growing family.

Families who are looking for a stroller that will grow and shrink with their families will love this stroller. Whether you have twins or two children of different ages, this stroller will be able to fit them in comfort.  There are also a significant number of accessories available to make this stroller as unique as you are. Some of the things that come standard with this stroller are:

  • A flick-on hand-held brake
  • Adjustable handle
  • Large storage basket
  • Puncture-free wheels
  • Easy release 5-point harness
  • It is available in 4 colors: Black, Blue Marl, Grey Marl, and Red.

It also has several accessories available including both child and parent trays, seat liners, rain covers, car seat adapters, and many others. Specifications of this double stroller are:

  • Folded dimensions: 13.7 x 25.2 x 31.5 inches
  • Assembled dimensions: 45 x 25.2 x 45-51.5 inches
  • Tandem/Side-by-side: Tandem
  • Number of configurations: 4
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Number of wheels: 3
  • Amazon review: 4.7/5.0

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Best Double Stroller Conclusion

In all, there are many different double strollers on the market for parents today, unlike the number that was available even a mere decade ago. This allows for plenty of personal preference and self-expression to be taken into consideration but also can be quite overwhelming when you first start to look. As mentioned above, you should not use a stroller for jogging with newborns as it is almost impossible to keep your child’s head immobilized. For babies who do not have the muscle strength to keep their head still, this can cause your child discomfort. Always read the safety booklet with your stroller to find out when you can use the stroller for jogging with your child and at what age.

Regardless of whether you want a jogging stroller or a compact stroller for around town, there is a stroller out there for every person’s needs. Just remember to narrow down what you need and then you will find your perfect stroller for you and your children as they grow through your journeys. Check out our overall best stroller article to get links to all of our stroller buying guides.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you found it helpful in your search for a new stroller. If we were able to help you make a decision on buying the best double stroller for you, please click through on one of the links and purchase it from Amazon. This site is part of the Amazon Affiliate Program and, at no extra cost to you, we will receive a commission from Amazon if you purchase your stroller through