Best Jogging Strollers 2022 {10 Jogging & Running Strollers}

Best Jogging Stroller

When looking for the best jogging strollers on the market you need to take into consideration the two different types of jogging strollers; fixed wheel and lockable front wheel. You will hear various opinions stating that one type of stroller is better than the other, but honestly, it is simply a matter of opinion. What you consider to be the best jogging stroller might not be what your friend considers to be the best. In order to determine what one is the best stroller for jogging in 2022, you need to understand the difference between the two types.

Mom on the run? Here are the bullet points…

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With a fixed wheel jogging stroller, the front wheel is fixed in place, it will not move at all. Many people feel that fixed wheels make the best strollers for running because they provide more stability at higher speeds. The problem with using a fixed wheel stroller for running is that in order to make a turn you have to tip the stroller back. Fixed wheels might make the best stroller for running, but they cannot be used for everyday errands as they are very difficult to maneuver in tight places.

A lockable front wheel stroller is just as the name suggests, the front wheel can be locked into a stable position or it can be unlocked in order to swivel. Some might think that the wheel would be a weak spot, but the newer designs are just as stable as fixed wheel strollers at the higher rate of speeds. However, what makes a lockable front wheel stroller the best baby jogging stroller is that it can be used as an everyday stroller, in addition to a jogging and running stroller.

What to Look for in the Best Jogging Strollers

Now that you know about the different types of jogging strollers, you need to know what to look for in the best jogging strollers. One of the first things that you want to look at is the tires of the stroller. The best jogging strollers for runners are going to have air-filled tires, think small bike tires. Air-filled tires are better than hard tires because they are able to handle the bumps better. Something else that you are going to want to look at is the size of the wheels. The best baby jogging stroller is going to have larger wheels, as the bigger wheels can handle bumps better, plus they larger wheels won’t get stuck in cracks as easily.

When looking at jogging strollers you really can’t pick out the best jogging stroller based on looks alone. The reason for this is that there are several strollers out there that look just like jogging strollers, but will not hold up to jogging let alone running. To get the best jogging stroller you need to find one where the manufacturer states it is made for running. You should also look at the seat to see if it reclines. The best jogging stroller for infants is going to come complete with a reclining seat to make your baby more comfortable. Plus the reclined seat helps with shock absorption and makes the stroller easier to tip backward to maneuver around turns.

Like with any stroller, safety features are a must when checking out jogging strollers. First, it needs a 5-point harness to keep your little one firmly held in their seat. The stroller itself should lock into position when you have it open and ready to go, to ensure it won’t collapse while your running. Otherwise, both you and your child could be injured.

Brakes are also a must, for when moving or stationary. One type of brake found on most strollers is the locking brake on the wheels to keep it from moving when you aren’t. Jogging strollers usually also include a hand brake, so you can slow your stroller down when your run is over or you need to avoid an obstacle in your path. A safety leash on the back of the stroller loops around your wrist, just in case your hands come off the handle. This keeps the stroller from rolling away.

Other handy features on a jogging stroller is a canopy to keep the sun off your little one and a cup tray for both of you to keep everyone hydrated. A storage basket holds towels, bags, and anything else you need to carry. Having an adjustable handle allows you to set it comfortably to your height.

Best Jogging Strollers on the Market in 2022

Best Budget Jogging Stroller: 

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom, 50 Pounds

Looking for the best jogging stroller that won’t break the bank? The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is an ideal choice. This jogger comes with an easily maneuverable swivel front wheel that can also be locked into position to increase stability for jogging or running speed. Bumps in the road are no trouble for the all-terrain bicycle tires. The reclining, padded seat can be placed in a variety of positions to ensure baby’s comfort and the 5-point safety harness and tether strap keep baby safe and secure. The ergonomically shaped handle has an extra wide design so pushing this stroller is more comfortable than you can ever imagine. You baby will be protected from the sun or the wind by the adjustable canopy. The Expedition is easy to fold into a compact stroller to take on the go and would be a great choice for a budget-conscious family.  


  • All-terrain bicycle tires
  • Parent tray has two cup holders and a covered storage tray
  • Padded seat reclines for baby’s comfort
  • Has a trigger-fold to easily collapse
  • Front wheel can swivel or be in a locked position


  • Bicycle tires require an on-hand air pump
  • Seat has to be in the fully reclined position to fold stroller
  • On the heavy side.


  • Weight: 21.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17.8” x 13.8 x 34.5”
  • Front Wheel: Swivel or lock
  • Weight Recommendations: Minimum-5 lbs., maximum-50 lbs.

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Best Jogging Stroller: 

BOB Revolution Flex Single Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller - Up to 75 pounds - UPF 50+ Canopy - Adjustable Handlebar, Black

One of the handiest features of the BOB Revolution stroller is the innovative pivoting front wheel that allows it to take corners with ease. The swiveling front wheel is great for maneuverability and the locking option makes jogging with the stroller a cinch. The two rear wheels are wide and sturdy making them roll over almost any terrain you find yourself on. When you’re ready for a jog the front wheel locks into place for stability. An adapter for an infant car seat is available but sold separately. This stroller also features a unique suspension system that provides a comfortable ride for baby.

The BOB Revolution was designed with safety in mind with the five-point harness that’s easily adjustable with pull-rings and a rear wheel brake. The frame is made from aluminum and folds in two simple steps into a compact bundle. The fabric is durable and can be wiped clean. The stroller isn’t short on storage either. It has two interior pockets, a seat-back pocket, and a basket underneath. The adjustable sun canopy has a window so that you can see what your little one is up to.   


  • Has an easy two-step fold
  • Adapters can be purchased
  • Company offers a 5-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the small parts and the fabric


  • Stroller is on the pricey side
  • Air-filled tires require keeping an air pump handy
  • Isn’t equipped with a brake of any kind


  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 51.6 x 25.4 x 40 inches
  • Front Wheel: Swivel or lock
  • Weight Recommendations: Maximum weight-70 lbs.

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Best Running Stroller with a Fixed Wheel: 

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller, Nightshade

The Schwinn Arrow is lightweight with fixed, air-filled tires and a spring shock suspension to keep your baby from bouncing around on rough terrain. There is an adjustable handle, which can be customized to give you the perfect angle, even if more than one person are planning to push the stroller. A bicycle-style hand brake on the handle makes it easy to slow down or stop the stroller during your run. For you’re child’s safety and comfort, there is a reclining seat with premium cushioning and padded 5-point straps. A small pocket on the side lets them carry a water bottle or a small toy for entertainment on the road. An extra large canopy shields them from the sun and has an airflow flap at the back to keep them cool. A large storage area underneath includes two small pockets, so you can organize your belongings as needed.


  • Handbrake for quick stops during a run
  • Adjustable handle for customized settings
  • Extra padding on the seat and straps


  • Fixed wheel makes turning difficult
  • Needs two hands for folding
  • No snack trays included


  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 54 x 23 x 44 inches
  • Front Wheel: Fixed
  • Weight Recommendations: Maximum weight – 50 lbs.

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Best Double Jogging Stroller: 

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0 Jogging Stroller - Up to 100 Pounds - UPF 50+ Canopy - Adjustable Handlebar, Black

The BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller is at the top of the heap in the world of double strollers. It offers everything you’d need in an all-terrain stroller and more. The padded handlebar can be adjusted to nine different positions to accommodate just about anybody’s height. The locking front wheel provides better maneuverability and added stability.

The front-wheel swivel and locking options are a good choice for covering all different types of terrain. This Cadillac of strollers gives your little ones an ultra smooth ride due to the state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system. The angle of the seat can even be raised or lowered with one hand. The easy two-step fold can save time and effort when you’re on the go. Check out this video highlighting some of the awesome features here.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Provides the smoothest ride for baby
  • Stroller is lightweight
  • Assembly is quick and easy
  • Storage underneath is generous


  • Cost may be prohibitive
  • Stroller does not come with a tray, cup holder, or other accessories
  • Air-filled tires can necessitate carrying a tire pump and a patch kit
  • Large size can be an issue when going through narrower doorways


  • Weight: 33.1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 48 x 30.5  x43 inches
  • Front Wheel: Swivel or lock
  • Weight Recommendations: Minimum-5 lbs., maximum-55 lbs.

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Best Baby Jogger: 

Joovy Zoom 360 with Car Seat Adapter

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller, Large Canopy, Lightweight Jogger, Extra Large Air Filled Tires, Black

The Joovy Zoom 360 would be an excellent choice in jogging strollers for a variety of reasons. The car seat adapter, sold separately, makes it easy to snap in an infant carrier. Just make sure you choose the adapter that fits your brand of car seat! The Joovy Zoom 360 would be a good choice for the budget-conscious because it includes some extras at an affordable price. The aluminum frame and shock-absorbing suspension help provide a smooth ride over uneven terrain. This stroller can accommodate a child up to 75 pounds, one of the most of any other strollers on the market.

The reclining seat is extra wide to provide maximum comfort for baby and the oversized sun canopy protects your little one from the elements. The front wheel swivels for extreme maneuverability but also locks into place for increased stability when jogging, running, or going over extra-rough terrain. Extras included are a running leash, tire pump, and a one-step link parking brake. The parent tray has two cup holders and space for keys or a cell phone.


  • Folds up quickly and easily
  • Has mesh pockets for holding small items
  • Underneath storage basket is easily accessible
  • Stroller comes with great included extras


  • Car seat adapter has to be purchased separately
  • Stroller is a bit bulky


  • Weight: 25.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 54 x 25 x 46 inches
  • Front Wheel: Swivel or lock
  • Weight Recommendations: Minimum-5 lbs., maximum-75 lbs.

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Best Lightweight Jogging Stroller: 

Thule Urban Glide

Thule Urban Glide - Jogging Stroller- Dark Shadow

The Thule Urban Glide would be an excellent choice for a family looking for a compact jogging stroller. The stroller is sleek and lightweight, making it easier to transport. It’s made of lightweight materials and has an aluminum frame. The front wheel can swivel or be locked into place and the handlebar can be adjusted to several different heights to accommodate parents of varying heights comfortably. At a weight of just 23 lbs, it’s lighter than most of the comparable strollers on the market.

The Urban Glide features an adjustable canopy-style cover that protects baby from the sun and the rain and has a window so you can keep an eye on your little one. In addition, the Urban Glide features an infant seat adapter, snack tray, and a mesh cover. A 5-point safety harness holds baby securely inside even on rough terrain. It folds with one hand which is handy when your hands are full of more important things!


  • Impact is absorbed by a unique rear-suspension
  • Storage bin is roomy and zips closed
  • One-handed fold is quick and convenient


  • Price may be prohibitive
  • Air-filled tires need to be filled frequently


  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 14 x 21 X 34.5 inches
  • Front Wheel: Swivel or lock
  • Weight Recommendations: Maximum-75 lbs.

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Best Compact Jogging Stroller: 

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller, Black/Gray

The Summit X3 offers exceptional performance and maneuverability on any terrain. It’s conveniently equipped with an all new remote swivel lock that is mounted on the handlebar. All you have to do is flip the lever to lock the front wheel or release to swivel mode in one easy step for without having to stop or even touch the front wheel. It features a patented quick-fold technology so you can fold the Summit X3 with one hand. The fold is one of the more compact of other similar strollers. It includes a universal accessory mounting bracket to make accessorizing easy and the all-wheel independent suspension system and hand operated rear drum brakes offer increased control for added safety on hilly terrain.

The padded seat can recline to an almost flat position and a weather cover is included. Also featured is a large adjustable sun canopy with windows, so you can take a peek at baby whenever you want. The side ventilation panels improve airflow and the comfortable handlebar wipes clean. The adjustable five-point safety harness with shoulder pads and rear parking brake are standard safety features.


  • Quick-release pneumatic tires
  • Seat top is vented for proper airflow
  • Hybrid stroller and jogger
  • Parking brake makes sure the stroller stays put
  • Compact fold makes it easy to transport and store


  • Stroller is a bit more expensive
  • Storage basket is smaller than other comparable strollers


  • Weight: 26.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 21.6 x 30.3 inches
  • Front Wheel: Swivel or lock
  • Weight Recommendations: Minimum-5 lbs., maximum-75 lbs.

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Best Stroller for Trail Running: 

2015 Graco Fastaction Fold JoggerThis lightweight Graco stroller features a quick and easy one hand, one-second fold, making it super handy for moms and dads on the go. It does very well off-trail, making it a good choice for moms and dads who trail run or hike. The stroller features a unique kickstand to keep it upright while folded so that it stays put while things are being packed up. It also has a reclining seat, an extra-large storage basket, and a special holder for your cell phone. This stroller has air-filled tires and has a locking front wheel for the transition from walking to jogging to running on the trail. It also works with any Graco Click Connect car seats. You would get a lot of bang for your buck with this stroller but if we were doing serious trails we would still go for the BOB Flex which is why it is our overall best. Check out a video for Graco’s first jogging stroller here.


  • Price is reasonable
  • Large air-filled tires make for a very smooth ride


  • Stroller is tall and may not be comfortable for users who are on the shorter side
  • Bulky and you may need to remove the wheels to put it in the trunk of a smaller vehicle


  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 40”x 24” x42
  • Front Wheel: Swivel or lock
  • Weight recommendations: Minimum-5 lbs., maximum-50 lbs.

Best Jogging Stroller Travel System: 

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Phantom

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel SystemIf you need an all-terrain stroller complete with a travel system then the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System is by far the best way to go. The stroller comes with the Flex Lock 5-30 pound infant car seat and includes the lock-in car base. The wheels feature all-terrain tires and the push handle is extra wide for a comfortable grip. The wheels have a quick-release option that makes it extra compact for travel and storage. The front wheel can be locked into a stable position or can be in swivel mode which makes it appropriate for different terrains. It has a tray for the parent and the child as well as a large storage basket underneath. The reclining seat has a five-point harness and can be adjusted with one hand for ultimate convenience.

  • Tires are all-terrain and can cover any kind of ground
  • Car seat features EPS energy-absorbing foam to protect baby’s head from side impact
  • Cost of this stroller falls is reasonable
  • Stroller can be assembled very quickly and easily


  • Minimal cushioning for baby in the carrier
  • Storage area underneath isn’t easily accessible
  • Stroller is somewhat bulky when in the folded position

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Best Bike Trailer That Can Also Be A Jogging Stroller: 

InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

Instep Bike Trailer for Kids, Single and Double Seat, Single Seat, Green/Grey

This trailer makes it easy to take your little one along for a ride. It has 16-inch pneumatic tires to provide a smooth ride. It comes with a mesh screen and a weather shield to protect your little one from the weather and from bugs. There is a harness inside the trailer to keep your child secure. When it’s not in use, the wheels easily come off and the trailer folds for transport and storage. The trailer is made out of lightweight steel, making it a breeze to pull on your bike. It is designed for one child who is a maximum of forty pounds. An optional stroller kit is available, though it’s sold separately.

  • Wheels have a tool-free quick-release mechanism
  • Has a folding mechanism


  • Requires a hand pump for the tires


  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 20.75 x 32.5 inches
  • Weight Recommendations: Up to 40 lbs.

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When it comes to the best jogging stroller there are several things that you are going to want to look at. Obviously, the first thing that you want to look at is what type of front wheel the stroller has. Runners often prefer jogging strollers that have a fixed front wheel, as it adds to the stability of the stroller at the higher rates of speed. However, the swivel wheels that lock into place are now being designed to offer the same stability.

When it comes to finding the best jogging stroller you will want to look over all of the features that the stroller offers to ensure it has what you are looking for. The best jogging stroller is going to have air-inflated tires, reclining seats, and larger wheels. But, how you know it’s the best jogging stroller is the manufacturer will say it is made for jogging.

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