Travel Systems for Girls in 2022

You’re a parent and you know that your baby girl needs the best travel systems for girls. But the problem is…you don’t know where to start! You’ve got your hands full as it is and choosing one is a headache in itself. There’s a lot of travel strollers in the market and a lot more factors to consider. That’s why we’re here – to make choosing the one very easy for you.

Sure, you’re on this page because you are looking for travel systems for girls – one that satisfies your little angel’s and your needs – but choosing a travel system for your little girl shouldn’t be all about style. You should also remember to consider other factors such as maneuverability, portability, and safety – the S.P.E.M.S. acronym to be exact. Choose one that is easy to fold, easy to drive, and most of all, safe for your baby.  After all, safety comes first before style, right?

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Best Travel Systems for Girls

After considering 5 crucial factors, here are My Tiny Traveller’s top 4 travel systems for girls.

Disney Saunter Luxe Travel System, Floral Minnie

Disney Saunter Luxe Travel SystemThis one is a must-look if you’re scouting for travel systems for girls. The Disney Saunter Luxe is just your typical travel system with the bare essentials – a safe and secure infant car seat, a wide canopy, a large storage basket, and easy-to-maneuvre and lockable pivot wheels. It has a rear-facing feature for babies weighing 4 up to 22 pounds, but the stroller can accommodate up to a whopping 50 pounds. You’ll love the baby tray because it’s integrated with SlideGuard protection that keeps baby comfortably inside the seat plus it’s very portable and stands on its own once folded.

The black and pink combination is typical of feminine styles, but you and your baby will really enjoy the pink floral pattern in the seat and the pink linings in the canopy.

The Disney Saunter Luxe gets good marks in style, meaneuverability, enjoyableness, and safety. It’s easy to fold but it doesn’t have a “one-second, one-hand” folding procedure like Graco’s Click Connect, so we just gave it a satisfactory mark in portability. Definitely one of the noteworthy travel systems for girls on the market.

It’s your average travel system stroller and perfectly fits within that price range. Learn more about the Disney Saunter Luxe here.

Also check out Disney Saunter Luxe, Alice In Wonderland, a great alternative.

Evenflo JourneyLite w/ Embrace, Marianna

Evenflo JourneyLite Travel SystemUnlike the Disney Saunter Luxe that focuses solely on form, Evenflo’s JourneyLite focuses on form and function.

The dark pink linings along the canopy plus the floral white-and-black pattern on the car seat is a stunning combination and makes the dark theme of the stroller fit it like a glove.

The car seat isn’t just comfortable; it’s very safe too. You’ll love to know that the multi-cushion, multi-reclining position car seat is impact tested and passes US Safety Standards. It’s is pretty sturdy and can hold weights of up to 35 pounds, but the stroller is even sturdier and has a 50-pound capacity.  The head support are thicker than others’ and adds a whole new level of protection. This makes the JourneyLite one of the safest travel systems for girls.

The JourneyLite also assures you of a comfortable strolling experience since the stroller is very easy to maneuver, thanks to its lockable front swivel wheels. What’s more, the JourneyLite is portable and can stand on its own when folded. It’s actually one of the cheapest travel systems for girls. Learn more about the JourneyLite here.

Chicco Cortina KeyFit, Foxy

If you’re on the more “posh” side of things, you might want to take a closer look at this stroller. The Chicco Cortina is a well-known manufacturer of travel systems for girls, and boy did they go all out on this one.

The Chicco Cortina Keyfit truly fits baby like a glove – its multi-cushion, muti-position, and fully-reclining car seat with extra padding along the head, neck, bottom, and back areas can accommodate babies of up to 30 pounds. The stroller can carry up to 50 pounds, however.

Regarding safety, you’ll love to know that the foam padding is engineered to absorb energy from impacts so baby is extremely safe. It’s 5-point, one-pull harness is also notable for its safety and ease of use. And did we mention the KeyFits’s all-wheel suspensions? All of its 6 wheels have their individual suspensions to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for your baby!

The KeyFit also has the travel system essentials – a large storage basket for toys and supplies, adjustable footrests to keep baby comfortable, and a detachable tray with cup holders where your little angel can eat and play.

All things considered, the KeyFit get great marks in maneuverability, enjoableness, safety, and style.

The Chicco Cortina KeyFit is a bit pricier than other models, but they did go all out on the features and design, so we think it’s a worthy investment. Learn more about the KeyFit here.

Graco FastAction Click Connect, Nyssa

Graco FastAction Click Connect Travel SystemIf you’re looking for travel systems for girls that are not too expensive but deliver over-the-top quality, then look no further than the Graco FastAction Click Connect.

First off, we just love its Click Connect feature that allows the stroller to be folded by one hand. It practically gives you an extra hand allowing you to hold and comfort baby. The Graco SnugRide infant car seat can accommodate up to 30 pounds but the stroller can carry up to 50 pounds. The FastAction Click Connect also “grows” with your baby – just remove the infant car seat and the infant travel system becomes a toddler stroller. Hurray for more years of comfortable strolling!

When it comes to comfort the FastAction Click Connect doesn’t get left behind. The infant car seat is thickly padded with added support for baby’s head and neck. It’s also side impact tested making the SnugRide a truly safe place for baby. All four wheels have suspension and the front pivot wheels are lockable, making way for a truly smooth and comfy ride.

The FastAction Click Connect also provides you with a cup holder in the parent tray and a pivoting tray for your little angel. It also has a large storage basket for storing food, toys, and other supplies. You’ll also appreciate how large the canopy is – it will definitely protect your baby from the dangers of the sun.

Your little girl will love the Nyssa fashion, which features abstract patterns of magenta, pale green, and gray, complimented by solid colors. Put your child at the seat of fashion right from the get-go!

The Graco is in the middle of the price spectrum, but definitely on the front line of travel systems for girls. All in all, the FastAction Click Connect is a wise investment and money well spent. Learn more about the Graco FastAction Click Connect here.

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